Indoor Air Quality

At Biodet we test the air quality within and around buildings, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. We use different types of tests to detect microbial abnormalities. The first approach is the “non-culturable” method where spore trapping is used to detect mould spores in the air. This is used when long-term leaks are suspected in a building.


We also use “culturable” methods, the first of which is an impinging sample method, where we detect viable microorganisms through active air sampling using pre-prepared agar plates.

The second “culturable” method uses gelatin membrane filters, allowing us to count high levels of the microorganisms in environmental air samples, such as waste transfer stations, poultry barns etc.

Hydrocarbon Fuels

If you have back up power generators or diesel storage tanks, we can give you peace of mind about what levels of microbes are in your fuel tanks. Our tests can see if fuel quality has been affected by microbial contamination.


At Biodet, we test hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel and kerosene, using the IP385 method or in-house methods based on IP385. These tests show us microbial growth and degradation in fuels and can detect bacterial growth which has the potential to promote tanker corrosion.

Leaky Homes

The presence of fungi in a home always indicates that moisture is or has been present.

Looking at the structures of fungi using either a Sellotape® swab or examination of the material the fungus is growing on itself, we can identify the fungus and give information as to any potential health or building issues.

Biodet also works in conjunction with building consultants to determine the presence of leaks and to check air quality.

Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Biodet provides a number of microbiological analyses on a wide range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products including raw and finished products. 


Our services include performing total viable counts and preservative efficacy testing to help our clients ensure product safety and quality.


We carry out a variety of preservative efficacy testing in accordance to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) or BS EN ISO 11930:2012 (E) standards, or we can work with client-specific methods. 


Our comprehensive range of food testing services includes microbiology testing and identification for spoilage and beneficial microorganisms. We specialise in identifying yeasts, moulds, certain probiotics and more.

Water Quality

We carry out microbiological analysis of a range of water samples such as bottled water, bore water, farm water and sea water.

We also test for microbial-induced corrosion and biofouling.

Biodet Services Ltd is a member of the New Zealand Association of Consulting Laboratories.

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