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General advice post-flooding event

General advice for properties affected by major wetting events:

  • Document all damage and contact your landlord or insurance company.

It is important that the water damage is attended to promptly. Different responses are required depending on the source and extent of the moisture ingress (ie. roof leak vs surface water flooding):

  • Where possible once the water level has receded, remove excess standing water indoors as soon as possible.

  • Dry the indoor environment by improving ventilation (opening windows/doors, running fans), heating and/or the use of dehumidifiers to reduce the likelihood of fungal growth.

  • Depending on the circumstances and extent of the moisture ingress, it may also be necessary to remove affected carpet, plasterboard and/or insulation.

  • Areas that had exposure to floodwater from an outdoor source should be treated as potentially contaminated by sewage water overflow during the weather event and should be decontaminated accordingly. It is recommended to consult with a decontamination specialist for specific remediation advice.

  • Once the areas are fully dried and cleaned, E. coli analysis can be undertaken to determine whether the decontamination had been effective.

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